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5 Things To Look At Under A Microscope

Life’s beauty is in it’s details, escpecially when we examine it down to microscopic detail. If you get a microscope and start looking at everyday items under it, you will welcome an excellent source of entertainment. All that appears mundane to the eye emerges as entirely different under the microscope and you will suddenly find yourself in an intensely bizarre world. So let’s take you on a brief rollercoaster ride and show you what some of those everyday items look like under a microscope!

5. Needle & Thread

Have you ever tried getting the end of a thread through a needle? Good lord, it just drains out all your energy! You try holding the needle as stable as possible and still the thread ends up popping up on the wrong side. But when seen through a microscope, the needle looks like a beautiful long spatula with a big hole at the top and the thread looks more like a thick rope. I wonder if I should thread my needles under a microscope from now!

4. Snowflakes

Now who doesn’t love snow! All that fun around snowmen and skiing is only possible through snowy winters. But wait, as dazzling as the snow feels, the individual snowflakes are even more fascinating. Under a microscope, snowflakes take mind-blowing shapes. Every flake is so different in shape from the other that it is very hard to believe they are a product of natural processes.


3. Dust


This is definitely going to surprise you but trust us, when seen up close through a microscope, dust looks like a cool pattern of colorful objects. No matter how much you hate dust, you are going to love its magnified form!


2. Orange Juice

As yummy as a glass of orange juice is, it appears even more spectacular under a microscope. All that is orange to the eye is a beautiful web of colorful blocks to the microscope. Upon closer look you see a variety of yellows and blues and greens in your glass and wonder why those colors do not show up in your glass. But really, as delicious as the nature has made orange juice, it hasn’t shied away from giving it a fancy look under the microscope!


1. Tip of a Butterfly Tongue

None of us can deny the beauty of a butterfly’s wings and the rainbow of colors they carry but hold on, there is something even more colorful on a butterfly. Well, believe it or not, it is the butterfly’s tongue! When seen under a microscope, the tip of a butterfly’s tongue looks like a brightly colored strip with hues so captivating that you’ll almost forget the splendor of the insect’s wings.


So what are those things that you’ll want to see under a microscope? We’ll be very happy to know!